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Covering over 1000+ casino reviews with a presence in more than 30 markets, RVSHR is a global player in the iGaming community.

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At RVSHR, we specialize in propelling casino and sportsbetting brands to new heights. Our seasoned team, armed with creativity and extensive experience, designs bespoke digital strategies specifically crafted for the unique demands of the casino industry. Our goal is to tap into your brand's digital capabilities, delivering outstanding outcomes that foster growth and elevate success in the competitive casino market.


Team of Specialists

Meet a cadre of specialists, where strategy meets chance, precision fuels the slots, and insight sharpens betting. Our seven-year commitment has been the bridge to elite online casino experiences.



Our trusted reviews, born from a deep-rooted passion for sports betting, distill integrity into every word. With over 1,000 casinos scrutinized, we offer not just reviews, but a seal of reliability.


Regulations & Compliance

Leveraging our local expertise, we guarantee that your brand consistently upholds and navigates the nuances of regional compliance. Our dedicated approach ensures seamless alignment with evolving legal standards, keeping your brand secure and compliant.

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RVSHR offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to elevate your casino's digital presence. Our team delivers expert market insights and digital marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, and social media management, to enhance visibility and attract a targeted audience of loyal players.

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Why Choose RVSHR?

We specialize in creating compelling content that engages and retains players, coupled with strategic relationship building to foster strong industry connections and a loyal player base. With RVSHR, you access a blend of expertise designed to propel your casino to the forefront of the digital gaming world.


International SEO

Our expertise in optimizing online content for global search engines ensures your casino attracts a diverse international audience. This strategy enhances your brand's global visibility, drawing in players from various regions and markets.

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Innovative Strategies

Our forward-thinking approach in strategy development keeps your casino at the forefront of the industry. By adopting the latest technologies and gaming trends, your establishment will appeal to a broad, tech-savvy player base.

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Quality Content Creation

We specialize in creating engaging, informative content that resonates with your audience. From in-depth game guides to captivating promotional materials, our content enhances your brand's appeal and drives player engagement and retention.


Enhanced Presence

We focus on amplifying your casino's online presence through comprehensive strategies, including social media engagement, targeted advertising, and a robust, user-friendly online platform.

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Targeted Market Insights

Our deep understanding of the gaming market equips us to provide valuable insights into player behaviors and preferences. This information is crucial for tailoring your offerings to meet market demands, ensuring your casino remains relevant and highly attractive to your target audience.

Our Team

With years of firsthand experience in everything from classic casino games to sports betting, we've dedicated many years to crafting content that resonates in the online casino and sportsbetting industry. This commitment reflects in the depth and breadth of our knowledge

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Lukas Mollberg

Head of Content
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Pierre Lundgren

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Max Larsen

Partnership Manager
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Sarah Laurence

Casino Reviewer
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Viktoria Krus

Product Manager

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